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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

5 Real Life Terrors That All Happened In The Toilet

It often might sound like tales by the moon light or perhaps an interesting fictitious tale coined up by Williams S., but vermin actually crawl up people's toilets, both when in use or when they are away for a while.

Below are a compilations of some few cases from around the world.


1. The Dick Thirsty Python

In May 2016, a 10-foot python crawled up a commode and bit a Thai man’s penis. Upon arriving at the scene in Chachoengsao Province, emergency workers discovered the snake’s head tied to the bathroom door with the rest of the beast stuck in the toilet.

They had to dismantle the commode to free the serpent. Atthaporn Boonmakchuay, 38, was rushed to nearby Chularat Hosptial. Both the he and the snake survived.
One rescue worker reported that he has seen countless snakes in toilets but never seen one go for genitalia before.

Boonmakchuay revealed that he checked the toilet bowl before squatting, He grabbed the python’s neck “to prevent it from taking him down.” “At first I thought my penis was gone,” but he managed to pry open the beast’s jaws. His wife and a neighbor covered the snake’s head with a plastic bag. The snake was released into the wild.

2. Texas Rattle-Snake Infestation

Earlier this month, a Texas family discovered a rattlesnake in the toilet of their Aberdeen home. When young Isaac McFadden ventured into the bathroom in the morning, he discovered a “big clump”—he knew it was a snake.

The boy told his mother, who returned with a shovel to slaughter the serpentine invader. Big Country Snake Removal’s Nathan Hawkins found the dead snake in the toilet “very unusual” but nothing outside his wheelhouse.

During a routine sweep, Hawkins discovered 23 other rattlesnakes around the home. The first place Hawkins looked was in the old storm cellar. He discovered 13 rattlers huddled in a corner. In the crawl space, he found old sheet metal housing a den.

He removed 10 adults and five babies from the den. Hawkins receives 50 to 75 calls a day. 90 percent of snakebites he’s encountered occur when someone is trying to harm the snake.

3. Mississippi Toilet Mystery

On September 18, 2015, after returning from their honeymoon, a couple discovered a mysterious creature in the toilet of their home in Clinton, Mississippi. Homeowner Ronald Morris described it as a “big brown mass, and besides this had ears and whiskers on it . . . it was very shocking.” Some are convinced it is a squirrel. Others insist it is a rat.

Local plumbers believe the animal got trapped inside the bowl and was poisoned in search of fresh water. Skeen Plumbing & Gas’s Richard Parker revealed how easy it is for these critters to enter our abodes:

“Where they get wet is where the P trap is inside the toilet that keeps the methane gas out . . . so all they have to do is a little bitty two-second swim, and they’re in the bowl.” Parker recommends a check valve, which allows waste to exit the bowl but nothing to climb back in.

4. The Chronicles Of The Unluckiest Man In Australia

In September 2016, a spider bit a specific Australian man on the penis for the second time that year. The attack came as the 21-year-old was using a portable bathroom on a Sydney construction site. Jordan, whose last name is not given, knew the familiar sting. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The previous bite in April also occurred in a portable bathroom.

Jordan was wary of using portable toilets. However, he revealed: “The toilets got cleaned that day, and I thought it was my opportunity to go use one.” Jordan investigated both seats—but found nothing. He is unaware of what spider bit him but was treated with redback spider antivenom.

Redbacks are a relative of the black widow, which they closely resemble. Over 2,000 Australians are bit every year by this common arachnid. However, getting bitten twice in the penis in twelve months is astronomically unlucky.

5. Sammy The Seal

In July 2016, locals discovered a seal sleeping in a public toilet in Tasmania. Dubbed “Sammy the Seal,” the 265-pound male Australian fur seal was found fast asleep in a stall within the ladies’ room of Mersey Vale Cemetery in Davenport—located in the northern part of the state. Rescue workers were able to relocate Sammy to a nearby waterway. The Tasmanian toilet seal was free again.

Australian fur seals are abundant around Tasmania, particularly in the Bass Strait, which separates the island state from the mainland. They often wind up as intruders in backyards and paddocks. Experts believe Sammy swam up nearby Horsehead Creek before entering the cemetery.

Parks and Wildlife workers had to sedate Sammy to transport him. Initially, the adventurous critter was locked in the stall to prevent any potential negative interactions with people. Quick intervention was essential to ensure the seal’s survival.

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