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Monday, 1 July 2019

7 Amazing Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

Having a job doesn't always mean being happy in them and having the right pay, but perhaps 'being so desperately concerned about not starving to death' LOL😜.

Therefore, having some of these kinda of jobs listed below, really proves how lucky you could be, I mean having fun and getting paid for it.

These jobs will sure make you wanna quit your jobs, get to the country where they exist and be happy.*winks*


1. Chocolate Taster:

Many of the coolest jobs are surprisingly hard to get; chocolate tasting is one of them. Becoming a chocolatier or chocolate taster often requires a degree in chemistry or food science; it also requires a lot of working with chocolate and eating chocolate, which sounds pretty awesome.

2. Mattress Jumper:

Professional mattress jumper Reuben Reyoso says that jumping on mattresses is not a game,  he doesn’t jump on mattresses in order to test their bounciness, but rather to compress the 28 layers of cotton batting that go into a handmade mattress at the McRoskey mattress factory.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of people out there who would kill to get paid for jumping on mattresses every day.

3. Panda Nannies

Early 2015, panda-loving hopefuls had a chance to apply for a job as a panda cub caretaker at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in China’s Sichuan province. According to China Daily, the job pays 200,000 yuan (the equivalent of about $32,000) a year; panda nannies are also provided with free meals, free housing and an SUV for their personal use.

Normally, this job would be done by volunteers, says Fast Company, but the center wanted to increase global awareness of panda conservation.

4. Tropical Island caretaker

In 2009, British man Ben Southall made thousands of people worldwide nearly drop dead with envy when he was declared the temporary caretaker of Great Barrier Reef Island.

Southall won the six-month job — created to promote tourism in Queensland — over almost 35,000 applicants. His responsibilities included swimming, snorkeling, relaxing and blogging.

5. Parabolic Experts

Parabolic experts train people on how to handle a micro-gravity environment — basically, they get to be astronauts without going to space. It's just basically an aircraft that goes up and down at steep angles to create a weightless environment ― like in space!

6. Water Slide Tester

In 2014, British university student Seb Smith landed a six-month job as a waterslide tester for SplashWorld Resorts.

Owned by vacation brand First Choice, SplashWorld resorts and their accompanying water parks are situated all around the world, according to ABC News; Smith got to fly to places like Majorca and Turkey to test slides and flumes for things like “biggest splash” and “adrenaline factor.”

7. Drone Photographer

Due to the increasing availability and advanced technology of microdrones, photographers can now get amazing aerial shots while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

For drone Models like this little Phantom 2 Vision copter even have a built-in camera of their own, allowing photographers to be a combination of pilot and artist.

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