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Saturday, 24 August 2019

UNBELIEVABLE! This is what your home will look like when you live on Mars.

For quite a long time, living in Mars has been a topic on a lot of people's lips. It's sometimes considered a myth in some part of the world by some people. To me, Mars is a place worth going, I mean think of the adventure of floating in space crafts, having to be in a place far from the boring usual. It's just way too much to imagine.

If you have always had retirement plans prior, there’s a chance that, sooner or later, you might have to move further than you were thinking. As far as Mars.

On Thursday, to mark the launch of its new six-part docudrama Mars, National Geographic will unveil the first ever Mars show home, giving earthlings an idea of what their life could look like on the Red Planet.
Set in the not-so-distant year of 2037, in Valles Marineris, a vast system of canyons on the Mars equator, the igloo-shaped structure could be the home of your future.

It depicts a house built using recycled spacecraft parts and Martian soil, called regolith, which has been microwaved into bricks. Some parts of the home are recognisable – kitchen, bedroom – but there are core differences that are vital for human survival.

We don’t think of our houses as things that keep us alive, but on Mars your dwelling will be a survival centre

As the Martian atmosphere is around one hundredth as thick as the Earth’s, people will need permanent shielding from the sun; society will move largely indoors. Most buildings will be connected by underground tunnels and the houses won’t have windows. The homes will have simulated solar lighting, or natural light that has been refracted several times.

Walls will need to be 10 to 12ft thick, to protect people from dangerous cosmic rays that can pass through six feet of steel, and a double air-locked entrance will keep the home pressurised.

“We don’t think of our houses as things that keep us alive, but on Mars your dwelling will be a survival centre,” says Stephen Petranek, author of How We’ll Live on Mars and a consultant on Mars.
This is not just the stuff of sci-fi. “Ten to 20 years from now there will certainly be people on Mars,” Petranek says.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk aims to land people on Mars by 2024 and thinks he can send 80,000 people to the Red Planet by 2050. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is working on a similar plan.
“We’ve had the technology for 30 years to do this, but we haven’t had the will,” Petranek says. But two main factors have “completely shifted public attitudes”
The private sector’s involvement has forced government agencies to up their game, and influential films such as Gravity and The Martian have caught society’s eye.

Petranek is optimistic about humans’ future on Mars. He likens the challenges of starting a new society in space to troops in war, who become close because they are dependent on each other for survival.

“I think we will create a very liveable and likeable environment,” he says. “It’s not terrifying. It’s kind of glorious.”

So what do you think about this agenda? What was running through your mind as you read through this post? You can't wait to get to Mars probably?
Do you think it's a bad idea? Well, you can put them all down in the COMMENT  section below.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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